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Our Values

We always stick to our values and work solely with and for enterprises that positively impact humanity, it’s coexistence and planet earth.

"Telling stories we believe in“ is our guiding principle.  We believe in what we communicate and we only communicate what we truly believe in.



We believe in humanity. We have to take into account human needs, desires and challenges. We create solutions for the mankind’s better, not for it’s worse.


We only tell stories that we believe make the world a better, more sustainable place.

who we are & what we believe in


For a great project we have to team up. Only by listening to each other and gaining different perspectives we will achieve our common goal.


Trust is the core of all our costumer relationships. Only with strong trust for each other, we can create extraordinary solutions.



We love and are passionate about what we do.


Humans are only happy when they grow constantly, when they keep learning and experiencing new things. Growth lets us overcome any obstacle.


Before we can start, we have to analyze the status quo and define the best way towards our goals. Only great strategies lead to excellent results.


We set ourselves the highest standards and goals and rage to make them happen. 



We are determined to create huge impact and give all we’ve got. For you, your business, for society. 


In what’s coming, in what we do, in our cooperation and goal. Faith is key to success.

About Us

Inflore Communications is a full-service agency with a worldwide network of experts of the industry’s most vital fields. With our international partners we have established sustainable relationships of which costumers profit immensely. Based in Vienna, Inflore Communications cooperates with over 100 marketing, communication and technology experts from 25 countries and 3 different continents. 

„In today’s reality and global world, we are all facing the same great challenges. Is it environmental issues, digitalization and technology surpassing human capabilities or questions of inequality. We do so as humans, and so do we as businesses.
Why should we restrict ourselves and our opportunities by captivating ourselves in our own perspective. A diverse, international network provides different approaches and keeps us up to date so that we can deliver the best results for our clients in order to let their business flourish.“

Florian Krendl, CEO Inflore Communications


Our Team

100+ professionals

Our team consists of more than 100 marketing, communication and technology professionals from 3 different continents.

10+ languages

German, English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian. We are a diverse bunch of people, a super colorful cultural mix and are proud of it. 

From Vienna to the World

Headquartered in Vienna, our core team is based in Austria. From here we create our ideas and strategies. Next, we find the best project fit within our international expert network and finally make it happen.

Our Services

Get support to let your business flourish. We offer the perfectly customized service package. 



  • Brand Development & Strategy

  • Campaigning

  • Communications Consultancy

  • Costumer Experience

  • Innovation Strategies, CSR



  • Web Solutions

  • Mobile Solutions

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media



  • Video Productions

  • Photography

  • Written Stories



  • Events

  • International Expertise & Networks

  • Start-Up Networks

  • International Speakers

Our Work 

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